These are my friends from London.

we are the shituationist institute. this is our blog for progressive party palaver. the focus is electronic dance music, contemporary art and critical theory. it’s run by fancypunk and dr0fn0thing and some new people from berlin, athens and london. we have daily updates and non-periodic contributions from supporters worldwide.

you can check the history, a tactics debate, a soundcloud, a mixcloud, our, and our page of exclusive dj sets from our friends.

we don’t think that a life only full of techno parties is a joyfull life but we trust in the power of art to open the view for the needs of people. and we say one need is to celebrate and feel unlimited in autonomous and collective spaces. like in those times that we feel connected to complete strangers and develop the understanding of happiness as something that is to be constructed. in this little blog we tell you about what happens today, and what we dream of for tomorrow


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