Mr.Feathers Daily News

Mr.Feathers has finished his third upcoming album titled “Cold Horses” due late 2013 early 2014

2-14-2013 Happy Valentines Day to everyone. I have been away from the social scene for a couple of days and yesterday was my full day back. I didn’t mention when it was the first time i was introduced to Trap Music. But I made a mix of it HERE

8-3-12 Otto Von Schirach releases Supermeng on Monkeytown Records

6-23-12 Friends With You going away party

HOT NEWS 04-03-12 Knife Cream Sundae turned in and due to be released May 5, 2012.

04-03-12 My Armando Von Feathers Google+ is going amazingly well here is a link Google+

03-10-12 Started Miami Bassbahton with Otto Von Schirach. Purchased

01-02-12 Updates my page.

01-01-12 Today I helped Thom Soberon at P Diddy’s Home Rollin up cables and breaking down equipment.

12-31-11 I purchased a new Laptop Sony Vio in white, to get some extra work done.

10-29-11 Today I will be in a reenactment of a movie called The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It’s going to be shown at 9pm and 12 midnight. I think the 9pm show is sold out already. The 12 midnight show does have some space left. This will probably mean a encore will be in the works for a later date. Tonight I’m also doing a special DJ set at The Awarehouse for an event called Sketchy Halloween. This should be fun.

10-15-11 I arrived home yesterday from Gainesville after playing a show with some of the guys from The Creature Tweaker Council. Emerson Breastmilk and El Topo. Linenoise was supposed to go but was feeling ill. The show was 10-13-11 at The Laboratory owned by Larry event thrown by Chris Miller from ESS ( Electronic Sub South ) opening Dj was Herb Addikt. Saw Sam ( Monica and Tashas Brother )

10-2-11 I was sick yesterday with a soar throat. Today was the deadline that i was giving Animal Krackerz ( Jorge Capes ) to do a collab with me.

9-16-11 Last night it felt like i slept forever. I’m time travelling more than ever and trying to finish Knife Cream Sundae. I’m also working on a collab with Animal Krackerz ( Jorge Capes ). The Atari Teenage Riot shows have been a blessing. Everyone is super sweet and really nice to work with.

8-22-11 So, on Sunday 8-21-11  in the morning i get an update on my dm twitter page to checkout the funniest picture of me ? So by mid afternoon I have all my twitter followers and people i’m following with that same message. I ended up deleting my twitter page. I have earned a great deal of time now to be more productive.

8-13-11 I woke up about an hour ago, I didn’t go anywhere last night instead I got some much-needed sleep. I went to bed at 6pm. 12 hours of sleep is awesome.

8-12-11 Last night i passed by The Electric Pickle for Art vs. Science but ended up leaving early. I then passed by The Vagabond and hung out with Mario from Grand Central / Carmel / Jsin / Travis / Lolo from Sweat / Kerry McKinney and a few others. Dj A-Train was on fire last always. This guy is just a top-notch dj, he knows what the people want.

8-8-11 This afternoon I was featured in Foursquare .

8-1-11 Tonight i’m finishing up a track i’m working on for my upcoming album Knife Cream Sundae expected to drop in December on Triangle Earth

5-20-11 Tonight I’m heading to The Art of Found Objects at the Moore Building.

5-19-11 Went to see Girl Talk and saw The Overthrow Crew+ Steon and girlfriend/ Aramis / FTG’s Girlfriend and a friend / Bad Brilliance doing visuals / Romulo Del Castillo / JJ / and more. Then I headed towards Vagabond / Bar / Eve / and Grand Central.

My friend Matthew Olmos in Culver City, California from The 405 ( ) has invited me to send them info regarding Galactic Trinity. I will be sending them Galactic Trinity along with a photo and album cover. The Album was reviewed check it out here

7-5-11 Finishing up three remixes for OrganicArma who is Phaxas, Dharma, and Abraxas.

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