Eurostar, the Musical



‘Eurostar the Musical’ is the first English-language single by the French chanteuse Anne Brugière. It leads a three-song EP of soft-voiced summer pop, set on the Eurostar and in cafes across Europe. The songs are available at itunes, Amazon etc and on CD too, from the Shop on this page. The video, starring Anna Trosko, was shot in Paris by Fanny Latour Lambert. The single has been played on stations including BBC Radio 2 and 6 Music and is a preview of a full album that we are working on for release in 2016.

“Wonderfully evocative… sounds like it has dropped off the soundtrack of a French film” – Gary Crowley, BBC London

“Wonderful… songs about life happening all around you, delivered exquisitely with a delightful, carefree charm that can do nothing but make your day brighter” – JustMusic

“Great stuff – pitched perfectly and elegantly” – Everett…

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