The Bangin Beats

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The Oscars of EDM are back! The 28th Annual International Dance Music Awards (IDMA) are going to be held during the Winter Music Conference (WMC) between March 15-24, 2013.

Here is a quick heads up on what to expect from this gala event –

To start with – The most unique thing about the IDMA’s is that they are going to be held right in between the Ultra Music Festival weekends. Essentially, for all music lovers the dates between March 15th and 24th are going to be simply all about the love for electronic dance music!

The IDMA is the oldest and the most recognized award ceremony in the EDM circuit where it gives credit to all those achievers in the field of EDM.  On an average, 2 million votes are registered for the awards that are given across 56 categories.

The awards vary across many levels…

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