How much were they selling before Wynwood was popular ?

CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBS4) – While Second Saturday Art Nights in Wynwood are drawing huge crowds, it’s also drawing a huge outcry from some art shop owners who say it’s becoming more about partying and people watching than generating art sales.

“I come more for the party,” reveler Lindsey Perdeck told CBS4’s Brian Andrews.

A recent meeting of Wynwood Arts supporters at Books and Brooks in Coral Gables put new focus on the obvious problems.

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“What we are seeing are the growing pains and the success of growing pains,” said supporter Sean McCormick.

Art Shop Owner Alette Simmons said she’s seeing more teenagers walking around than people seriously interested in buying art.

“You cannot keep your place open until midnight running electricity and you’re really just holding a party for the neighborhood at no pay,” she said.

Wynwood art shop owners say rents are going up, there…

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  1. The problem with Miami is there is a group of people that make up a large part of this community that seem to be traped by small thinking. I’m sorry but Miami isn’t a place that people just come to retire and wait to die anymore. It is not a place where people come to drink a colada and get Cuban food, we now have places like Panther and the food trucks that allow us to try a variety of cuisine like the Gypsy Kitchen. There is a new generation that is experiencing a revival and sadly many people here are affraid of anything different or change. Unfortunately, the person that made that statement was incorrect, Wyndwood is not about a party it’s about a celebration of talent. I understand the confusion because we have a generation of people that feel they have to identify themselves and place everyone in a box.

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