Body Movement Class with Jenna Balfe and Mr.Feathers

222 NE 25 Street, Miami, Florida 33137
the end presents the meaning of life. What: This movement workshop has a goal of engendering confidence through exploring human interaction and communication through movement. We will sample different movement styles and practices such as: capoiera, contact improv, dance improvisation, yoga and modern dance. I will direct a collaborative process of creating our own movement vocabulary based on each individual’s movement style (we all have a movement style, whether we are conscious of it or not). Over tim…

e we will build a dance vocabulary based on these personal gestures and influence from other movement styles. We will learn how to create“scores,”( a set of physical instructions that can be interpreted and repeated loosley) We will learn how to read one another and recognize “triggers” that will allow us to move together and play off of each others movements creating loose scores that will enable us to jump into using a particular vocabulary in a mildly pre-determined manner. Another goal, separate from our studio time is to take this to the streets! To other places, to the sidewalk, the median, the grocery store, the beach, a gallery, a party we were not invited too, a tree, on bicycles… The idea is to create a movement vocabulary and sense of each other in space that we are comfortable with which will enables us to create site specific works with ease. Perhaps some flash mob type things as well… Sometimes our audience will only be ourselves, other times it could be the pedestrians on a busy sidewalk or guests at a gallery…these are the details we will work out as the time comes. Why: We look at each other and a million or more thoughts are going on in our own individual heads… We filter/distill this muck of consideration down to a poignant expression, a linear abstraction of our emotions, thoughts and feelings intended to explain our state of being to other beings. Does it work? Is this a complete expression? What about all the things that can’t get out ? What if our hand gestures contradict our words? What are the lies, or gaps of truth we unwillingly engage in due to the confinement of verbal language? By exploring the language of touch, sight and sound through movement we can get at these deeper truths from a perspective unencumbered by the barrage of verbal language that is tainted with pre-determined meaning. Find some freedom with the body and then spread this freedom through the streets of weird commercial beautiful Miami, a land of contradiction. Body Movement will take place every sunday from now until the final class at ART LIVE between 05:00 – 07:00 at Miami Dance Studio August 26 Begins with MR. FEATHERS:

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