Friday July 13, 2012 at Club Euforia ( Digital Mystikz )

Basshead + Culture Present: BASS LEGENDS … part one DIGITAL MYSTIKZ (extended set!) (Mala & Coki) London, UK *FLORIDA DEBUT* Digital Mystikz, comprised of DJ/producers Coki and Mala, are at the forefront of London’s bass sound, leading the way with their own unique brand of dubbed out London sounds. Derived of jungle, dub reggae and garage, their sound had emerged from London and spread a love of sub bass, skankin riddims and mystical melodies across the world. Mala helped put dubstep on the musical map in the mid-’00s, as a producer, DJ, and co-founder of the legendary DMZ label and club night. His work has undeniably influenced an entire generation of bass-loving artists. These days, when he’s not traveling the globe and reminding people of the power of sub-bass, he’s still turning out new music. Most recently Mala has been traveling back and forth to Cuba, working on a new LP. He also runs his own Deep Medi imprint. Coki is renowned for his backseat low profile persona and his wielding of massive bassiness. Coki helps operate the DMZ record label and host the influential bimonthly nightclub DMZ in London. His tunes have an unmistakably heavy sound, a forumla that makes crowds beg for a rewind. His style is imitated by many, but never duplicated. Mala has deep ties to Miami, making his first appearance at the Laundry Bar alongside Skream in September of 2007 for the areas first ever all-night headlined dubstep event. He has also performed at the Nine Mile Music Festival (Marley Fest), ViRam vs FSOB, and his own London Bass in Miami events during WMC, in addition to other events hosted by BassHead Music. This will be Coki’s first ever Florida tour date, though his sound has been a staple in Miami since dubstep first began finding it’s way into the area. The duos discography is one loaded with genre-defining moments, such as (but not limited to): Coki – Officer Digital Mystikz – Haunted Digital Mystikz – Anti War Dub Digital Mystikz – Earth A Run Red Mala –  Blue Notez Coki – Tortured Mala – Bury Da Bwoy Loefah & Coki – Disko Rekah Mala – Changes Mala – Lean Forward Mala – Alicia Mala – In Luv Coki – Spongebob Benga & Coki – Night Coki – Triple Six Coki – Road Rage Johnny Clark vs Mala – Sinners Coki – Goblin Digital Mystikz – Return II Space LP Coki – Lucifer Mala – Eyez Skream – Midnight Request Line (Mala Remix) Richie Spice – Burning (Coki Remix) Mavado – Gangsta 4 Life (Weh Dem A Do) Fat Freddy’s Drop – Cay’s Crays (Digital Mystikz Version) and many, many more… *************************************************** along with: JUAN BASSHEAD & MC JUMANJI (BassHead Music, Get Low) Juan grew up in Miami with bass in his blood. As a youngster he made his own mixtapes by recording local underground radio, as a teen he attended local raves, and eventually in 2001 he put on his own event “Nickel Bag of Funk”. It’s 2012 and he’s still around, now more than ever. The 2010 Miami New Times “Best DJ” (Reader’s Choice) sound is an unclassifiable mix of all things “party” and “bass” with a distinct Miami flavor. This unique concoction of sounds is one that has garnered him the privilege of playing for crowds far and wide, from Los Angeles to Lima to London (including the famed DMZ night put on by the headliners of this event, not once, but twice). Jumanji joined Juan in 2008 after he began attending the fabled BassHead Fridays at The Laundry Bar (where Juan was resident dj), and managed to weasel his way onto the mic. His verbal ability was developed over years of live mc battles and debate teams in school; his stage presence is natural and can’t be denied. The two are staples of the local bass scene with regular appearances like their residency with GET LOW at the Vagabond, Club Space, The Fillmore, Nine Mile Music Festival (Marley Fest), Ultra Music Festival, Candyland, all sorts of other clubs and one-off raves, in addition to a full slate of Miami Music Week events, including their “SMOG vs BASSHEAD” event which was chosen as the best event of MMW’12 by Mixmag. The duo has also taken their sound overseas, most notably for their semi-regular residency with Sin City Recordings at Fabric Nightclub in London, considered by many to be *the* mekka of clubbing on the planet. BassHead Music is a label run by Juan and D&B hero A-Sides. It boasts 12″ releases by artists such as 12th Planet, Skream, Bassnectar, and more. The label’s debut LP is due out June 26th with contributions by dj Sneak, Datsik, Otto Von Schirach, AMKZ, Bats, and more. You can preview the tunes at $UPER GENIU$ (Kuad, Culture) Supernaut & JimiTheGenius Supernaut & JimiTheGenius both have been djing in the South Florida scene for quite some time now. In 2008 the year of of the 808, they formed $uper Geniu$. A down low devastating duo that pumps nothing but low end frequencies. Hailing from the South and working dance floors threw out the east coast and west coast. These two have always dropped nothing else but the heat and have no intentions on stopping. They are always and currently working on new material and have a new EP coming out on Kuad Recordings. Werd2jaH Werd2jaH is a versatile grime/dubstep/reggae/hip hop mc who has performed all over the U.S. and the U.K. His style draws from the early 1980’s dancehall scene. Creating and performing music since 2004, Werd2jaH got his first taste as an artist while working and collaborating in a creative art crew expanding all genres of visual, performing and musical arts known as the “dirty crew”. Werd2jaH is the original southern USA dubstep mc. He is an intergral part of the history of Miami dubstep as he was the primary mc during Miami Dubstep’s baby steps. His resume includes quite a few releases including colaborations with artists from all over the world. and: AMKZ Renegades of Funk Bats Shade Disidente Shalomar Jason Daniel Nome Soular Monstars on Broadway plus many more 18 and up Presales atPresales at: $15.00 $2.50 fee = $17.50!/events/470284602998194/


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