Mr.Feathers Headlines Friday The 13th at The Awarehouse

Editor : John Scomb

Mr.Feathers says 

“So, it always seems to be a bit more wicked for me to do a set anywhere on Friday The 13th. I never really have any unlucky days or nights when i play other than not getting my usual pizza like my wrider requests. This time I added vanilla ice cream to the request. I’m excited about this show because, it’s with some people whom i’ve never played with. This makes it exciting and rejuvenating.”

Also on this bill is

T|U|S|K / Phantasman / O.H.M.E / Pattern Apparatus
DJ Wassa / Shakin’ Baby Syndrome and 100KID.

The event name is ( FREEBASS: Friday the 13th party )

Event Description from Facebook Invite :
The T|U|S|K crew is throwing another Friday the 13th party. You know the drill, good times, FREE drinks, deep BASS, and performances by some of our personal favorite local artists. There is a $10 entry, but this includes all the beer, liquor and jello shots your mortal so…ul can handle, and we are now doing it a much nicer facility, thanks to the lovely ACUSTRONIC label. So pretty much if you miss this then you fail.   You must RSVP so we can make sure we have more than enough drinks for everyone, booze and debauchery shall flow like the blood of our enemies!

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