March 8, 2012 EGLO’s 3rd Birthday@ Fabric London

Eglo 3rd Birthday THURSDAY 8th MARCH 2012 w/ Floating Points (LIVE), Eglo Records Live Band ft. Fatima, Olivier Day Soul, Shuanise, Alexander Nut, Funkineven, ARP101 (live) & special guest: Andres (Mahogani Music/Slum Village)

9pm-3am for tickets

RA301 – Floating Points podcast right here

Win tickets to the party and a copy of Floating Points ‘Shadows’ EP here

No stranger to fabric, and to nightclubs in general, the Eglo family have, over the last three years, propelled themselves into the limelight as both a record label, and a collective. Lauded as label of the month by popular music portal Resident Advisor back in July 2010 on the strength of their releases by core artists Floating Points, the sepia tongued singer Fatima, mysterious MC/Singer Shuanise and the acidic production work of Funkineven, the crew has elevated their love of pack mentality with Rinse FM mainstay and label boss Alexander Nut agreeing that it’s kind of a family vibe.
Started by Nut and Floating Points, as a vehicle to release Floating Points music, Eglo has progressed wholly organically with the duo sourcing music from close friends and associates and they now boast artists like ARP 101, Gifted & Blessed and Mizz Beats amongst their ranks.
The full Eglo team are returning to Farringdon on Thursday 8th March to take over Room One in special one off celebration of their third anniversary and, in typical Eglo fashion, it’s the unit as a whole that is set to be the main focus of the evening. It’s a poignant celebration of the talent the label is privy to on a daily basis with the official debut of Floating Points new live show and the formation of Eglo’s own live band (which features vocalists Fatima, Olivier Day Soul and Shuanise) set to be surefire hightlights on a lineup that also features special guest Andres (aka DJ Dez from Slum Village)…

“The new live band is working out real nice, we wanted some fresh, raw talent to give the Eglo vocalists a much dirtier backing. It’s stripped down and raw,” Nut tells us. “The new Floating Points live set up is crazy too, this isn’t someone messing about on a laptop, this is real 808s and analog synths mixed with samplers and software he’s written himself. It’s crazy stuff. I don’t know how one guy can control it all, it’s about as live as live gets.”

“It’s an absolute honour to have Andres join us for our birthday celebrations at fabric,” Floating Points adds, gushing a little about the Detroit native who DJed for Slum Village and, as a producer, continues to release sumptuous music that borders between 4×4 house and hip hop on Moodymann’s Mahogani Music label. “He’s a great DJ and his releases never leave my record bag.”


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