Mr.Feathers Performs at DarK Clouds: Fall Music & Arts Gathering

PsychevisioN Productions & The Awarehouse Present….

A Collection of Tales, Journey’s, Stories & Fables, all told by an assortment of Artist, born of different Realms. Dark Adventures, Dark Clouds await those bold enough to pass through this portal. Let us elaborate more…
Every year around this time there is a great energy serge of the supernatural kind, all around us.. The Scientist at PsychevisioN have committed the time… & effort into channeling in on these mysterious & possibly dangerous Trans-Dimensional Frequencies to bring you an event so cosmically cataclysmic that if we were to take the Inter-Dimensional communications that our Scientist have been making any further, we could possibly shatter the very fabric that is our reality, or our perception of it.. We invite you, the bold, the courageous, and the insane to venture with us, into the future!!! Will U pass through these clouds?

Musical Algorithms Provided By…

The Astro BlaK Experience
The Animal Pharm Society (Feat. Funk Members from “George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic” & “Kool & the Gang”)
Y-Diz (of Telekinetic Walrus)
Cog Nomen
Mr. Feathers (Triangle Earth)
Buba Goes to Chaos
Eric Dez
Emerson BreastMilk
Xela Zaid
Omar Rouge
Dismas Gestas


<<Presented in PsychevisioN 3-D!!!>>
Our scientist have built a stable “portal opener” (100% safety tested) a StarGate to other worlds, for YOU to enter & explore! This is an experiment in dimensional splicing… what would happen if we were to splice our Realm with one from the beyond… keep in mind there are infinite amounts of worlds, dimensions & realities where anything you can imagine is possible!!!! just hope nothing goes wrong o_O
A collab piece by PsychevisioN members Richard Larralde & Eddy Earthtone

Hosted by Nikki Rodriguez & Lou Roman of W&W. This stage will showcase some of Miami’s freshest Poets & most talented Acoustic Acts… Bring your drums, Congas & Djembes, Tambourines & Whistles because its only a matter of time before the W&W Familia turns this tent into a sensual & cultural driven drum circle… but be warned!!! these Earthen rhythms have been known to awaken the Ancients…
Featured Poets: Melvin Bravo, Dan Serro, Alonso Menendez, Leidy Person, Jaramis Nadal, Summer Hill, Lou Roman, Alexis Adames, Pedro Marin Mirt, Armaghan, Karina Garcia, Roly Daniel, Sophie Moon

Across the field of Enchantment lies a peculiar field of space with an interesting vibratory frequency extruding from it… after some testing by our PsychevisioN scientist, we realized we would need to call in a specialist… We got our selves a fortune teller, a Soothsayer of the spirit realm… Welcome to her void….
Also keep an eye out for the 3 PsychevisioN Art Pieces from our last event “KALYPZO: Mystic Music & Arts Gathering”.
Gypsy Tent created by Red Light Studios


}} Interstellar Art Installations by Rodrigo Arcaya, Zusel Escriba & Nicole Martinez
}} LIVE Art provided by Reinier Gamboa
}} LIVE Spray Art by VAGO天
}} LIVE Art by Cortney Cates
}} Hand-Made Organic Jewelry by NativaZul

Admissions: $10
21 & over

for bookings & info hit us up at>>>


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