Featherblast 101 ( How to Dive In )

The strange and unusual days are over for some of you. For some of us, we just can’t stop looking different. On your mark, feather, go ! Full steam ahead is what I’m talking about.

Let others see the real you. Your sence of fashion and uniqueness are a part of you. The way you make art is a part of you. The way you express yourself each and everyday is a part of you.

My students come up to me and ask me what to wear. If you ask me, then you’re not really being yourself. Being unique is hard work. If your naturally unique it’s even harder work. It’s natural to change, if we didn’t change we would all be the same. Nature has its way of bringing us all together. The expression, ” being one with nature ” is about letting go of what is abnormal and going with the flow just like everyone else. I believe in doing things differently.

Surviving the critics is brutal. Give yourself an energy boost of confidence everyday. Think about what you’re going to do to be seen differently. I no longer have to dress differently for people to know I’m different. I have already achieved that status. Why, you ask do i want to be different ? That’s a very good question. I myself want to continue being unique because it makes me feel good. Being weird and playing weird music is what I’ve always loved. When there is a fashion trend, i go and try to do the exact opposite. When music comes out i do it differently because i never bothered to learn the basic patterns and formats of what it should sound like. I never went to school for music. I correct my self, I attended a music business class in The University of Miami for half a semester and dropped out because I didn’t feel that what they we’re trying to teach me about the music business was correct. I was exactly right.

Music business today. You need a really strong record in order to generate the sales to survive. Not everyone has that talent. You can see that by artist of the past and future. You eighter have it or you don’t. Those that don’t have that raw energy, struggle to survive in this harsh music business. The net labels are hot right now. Everything is by computer these days. You want to be different, come up with a way to get people to buy your music at a fast rate without it being illegal. The word free is rapidly becoming the norm. I say make great unique music that people love, do lots of shows, be very humble, be very nice, win the hearts of millions, and get your own net label. Try and sell merch, make apps, and do everything on your own. If you can’t get there on your own, get someone to help you as a matter of fact get lots of people to help you. In return you must, help them. Nobody does anything for free.

Do it for the love of it. Please say to yourself why am i doing this ? If your answer is not for the love of it. I honestly think you’re in the wrong business. Young and old alike need ask themselves this question. Why ? Once you understand why, involve yourself head to toe in what you’re doing. I think Mr.Miagi said it correctly in the Karate Kid movie.


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