Artwalk Edition @ The Awarehouse ( Live Performance by Mr.Feathers )

The Gallery opens at 6pm and the music start at 10. Some of the dj’s/performers for the evening are

Duncan Ross
Operation Human Mind Expansion
Mr. Feathers
Ydiz and Chuckles



Visual art by
Rodrigo Arcaya, Kevin Arrow, Leah Brown, Carlos Calderon, Gorka Cortazar, Denise Delgado, Mark Diamond, Marta Dunn, Edward Eden, Zusel Escriba, Freddy Jouwayed, Sinisa Kukec, Juan Maristany, Nicole Martinez, Brandon Opalka, Gustavo Oviedo, Nestor Prieto, Lisa Rockford, Barron Shearer, Stefan Tugrul


The Awarehouse

550 NW 29th St
Miami, FL

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