Feathery Love

Good Morning everyone I just woke up and had to do something to get some energy release out of my system. I did some push ups and a couple of jumping jacks. I’d like to inform you all that we may be playing with Atari Teenage Riot soon. So, I heading back to the gym to get my workouts in order. I just finished an excellent interview with Mr. John Hood for my live set at the Awarehouse for Art Walk on Saturday June 11th what ever day Saturday falls on. I have also been working on a remix project for OrganicArma that seems to have me stumped at the moment. I have one track completed and I have 4 more to go. I’m also answering an interview for a friend in Europe who I can’t mention just quite yet. Your just going to have to wait a bit. I was asked to DJ at Churchills Got Talent but I’ve been super sick lately and have not been feeling 100% Also, my upcoming album is starting to come together magically amongst all this other clutter. I don’t have time for anything these days, but I do have time to let you my fans know what’s going on in my life. FIU Radio we have not forgotten your request for a Triangle Earth interview. We will get to you. Thank you everyone for all the lovely emails we are working hard to getting back to all of you. We love you all.



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